GRATITUDE is a transforming and heart opening practice, which preserves what you care about and attracts Grace.
REMEMBERING all the things in your life, that you are grateful for, immediately shifts your awareness in a positive direction. It burns away negative thoughts and returns you to the home of your Heart.

Use this sacred ring to protect and strenghen the bond of love between you. Together you create three positive affirmations, i.e. ‘Love, Loyalty and Forgiveness’ or, ‘Peace, Love and Harmony’ and ‘Gratitude, Love and Harmony’ etc. Use the ring to refresh and remember your love towards each other and your sacred vows. Repeat these affirmations with love and intention, as you rotate the ring.

OM NAMAH SHIVAYA is engraved in the Gratitude ring in sanskrit. It means ‘I honor my own inner Greatness’ and is one of the most potent of all mantras. It Protects, Heals and Liberates. It is a timeless mantra, that does not belong to any cast or religion. Repeat this sacred mantra and notice how it quiets the mind and makes it rest in the true Heart. Repeat it with a feeling of love and intention.

Place your meditation ring on the right middle finger between the first and second joint. Use your right thumb to rotate the ring towards yourself. Every time you touch a bead, repeat your mantra or affirmation. You can also remember what your are grateful for. Use it when you walk or sit. Use it to calm down your breath and pulse, if feeling feel stressed or anxious. Use it at any time you feel like – as a tool to connect to your Heart.

This one-of-a-kind meditation ring, by Daviid Arthur Becker, is handcrafted in Denmark, studded with diamons and precious stones of outmost beauty and radiance.


is a well known yoga and meditation teacher. His experience is, that it is the daily rememberence, that makes the difference. Remembering who you are, and what you are gratefull for, will give you a clear mind and and a peaceful heart. These meditation rings by Daviid Arthur Becker, will help you remember. It is his intention, that when ever you look at, or rotate your meditation ring, it will be a link to your heart and to the practice of gratitude.